El son de lo humano

An ice-cream brand

Defining brand and product territories and driving innovation

A well-known ice-cream company needed to construct a powerful positioning for one of its brands poised for launch. Our challenges were twofold: inform the entire strategic process of defining the brand and product territories; and develop seductive proposals that were coherent with the new positioning.

What we did

We worked in various phases and with different methodologies in collaborative and constructive processes with teams of other complementary fields as well as with ice-cream consumers:

  1. We organised group dynamics with ice-cream consumers to obtain insights about behaviours, needs, beliefs, and how people feel about the category and the brand – which led to the creation of territories and the definition of the ideal target market.
  2. We validated and finetuned the territories with people in constructive groups.
  3. We defined the ideal target and researched their behaviour patterns, their relationship with ice cream, and how they felt about the territories created from ten ethnographic interviews.
  4. With all the findings, we created new product proposals in two co-creation workshops with the brand’s team and external experts using Design Thinking methodologies.
  5. We elaborated the product concepts and refined them, afterwards, with the business target in concept-lab dynamics.

What we obtained

We detected the keys for the new brand and communication territories, we defined the brand’s ideal target market, and we obtained a catalogue of irresistible and innovative product proposals, which placed the brand in a unique and meaningful position for consumers.