El son de lo humano

We are your go-to partner for research. Combining solid research with strategically designed marketing and innovation. We put our heightened sensibilities at your service so you can see above and beyond, anticipating and making sense of new realities.

The human sense

We put all our tools and means at the service of people and businesses. We seek different solutions that give rhythm and tone to opportunities related to products, design, communication and positioning. We generate light and vision in a context of information overload where the pressure to get it right is unwavering. It is all about moving forward in today’s world, and doing so in tune with the human sense. That’s how we are reconceiving and reasserting the value of our profession.

What we do best


We unveil insights that make an impact


We innovate guided by the human sense


We come up with more compelling options


We turn knowledge into proactive strategy

What makes us different


Our intuition and sensibility are fine-tuned by experience, which makes us more skilled at perceiving and understanding what really moves people.


We are a multidisciplinary, inquiring and curious team. Time and passion are out allies. Having spent over 20 years sharing the experiences of people is an honor and privilege. We love hearing their stories and we keep on learning from them.


Our findings blaze new trails. We design strategic ideas that inspire brands to seize new opportunities that have a positive impact on business.

Some of our cases

In all that is unsaid, opportunities brimming with harmony and potential abound. Let us tell you about some cases…

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Just some who have placed their trust in us:

Mahou, Nespresso, Alvalle, Lay’s, Bacardi, Dewar’s, Martini, J&B, Marcilla, La Menorquina, Schweppes, Maldon, Nestlé, Delaviuda, Eden Spring, Pepsi, Pernod Ricard, Unilever, Jolca, Flex, Dr. Oetker, Alhambra, Budweiser, Frigo, Ferrero, Essity, Skip, Colhogar, Plátano Melón, Auchan, Imperial Tobacco, Blu, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger, Vans, Shiseido, Lego, Disney, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Sony, Zalando, Instagram, Bankinter, Abanca, Combatec, Pfizer, GSK, Lilly, British Council, AECC, Correos, Renault