El son de lo humano

A sustainability strategy

Informing the strategic process of an olive oil brand.

A Spanish multinational olive oil company wanted to define its sustainability strategy, not just from the RSC point of view but also as a way of making its brands more appealing to consumers. Our challenge was to endow this design with a solid foundation in the reality of people and identify the most relevant and compelling aspects to people across different markets (Spain, Italy and the United States).

What we did

We took an exploratory approach to determine how the principal pillars of the proposal would be received.

1. We considered the sociocultural framework as the context in each market, and did an in-depth exploration of how the proposal was interpreted on both the individual and collective levels, taking into account generational sensibilities and sustainability implications.

2. We did all of this through online exploration groups in each of the countries.

What we obtained

We gained an in-depth understanding of what sustainability means for people today, and when and why it became a truly relevant issue. From this information, we were able to establish the pillars required for a brand to be truly sustainable, and how to demonstrate this in a coherent manner.