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User-experience observatory

Digital platform for constant dialogue with clients

A Swedish multinational company, a leader in the cellulose market, wanted to find a way to have continued tracking of the user experience in four cellulose product macro-categories selling in supermarkets. The objective is to have permanent contact with people who buy and use their products.

What we did

– We designed a quali-quanti digital platform on which a sample of approximately 230 families around the country participates. The platform was launched in 2017 and continues today.

– A platform with fixed activities, but also flexible enough to adapt to issues brought to the brand’s teams’ attention.

What we obtained

With the observatory, the manufacturer can be in constant contact with its consumers; obtain learnings that help to improve products and grow the brand; and detect trends that inform innovation projects.
All this is of key importance and extremely helpful to the company’s teams in their day-to-day decisions.