El son de lo humano


We see above and beyond the obvious with sensibility and perspective

We combine in-depth analysis with strategic design to detect and seize opportunities. We find the sweet spot that allows an organisation to resolve the needs of its customers in a different, original and personal way. We excel at:

01 Exploring

We embark on a journey of discovery into the lives of people. Understanding what they do, why they do it, and how they feel about and experience what matters to them, tying this all in with their context and their culture.
We use our findings to spark new ideas.

What we do

– Generational research
– Understand the cultural context and trends
– Customer journey
– Profiles and segmentation
– Motivational map
– Brand and category audits
– Connect brands with their audiences

How we do it

– Online and in-person ethnographic research
– Digital platforms and communities
– Views of experts, academics and influencers
– Consumer matrix
– Journey mapping
– Shop along/interceps
– Vox pops
– Desk research
– Consumer connects

We have explored in these cases

02 Creating

Meaningful innovation resolves real tensions for people and responds to their needs and aspirations when aligned with brand purpose and market realities.
We enrich creative developments combining in-depth qualitative research with design-thinking processes.

What we do

– Development of brand and positioning strategies.
– Development, refinement and validation of concepts.
Innovation platforms.

How we do it

– Multidisciplinary teams where everyone has a seat at the table: consumers, brands, experts, illustrators, designers, etc.
– Co-creation workshops.
– Narrative and story-telling techniques.
– Future mapping.
– Workshops with marketing and innovation teams.

We have created in these cases

03 Evaluating

We formulate different scenarios that allow us to evaluate proposals and optimise them in order to develop truly powerful ideas that orient the decisions of people in real life.

Qué hacemos

– Brand and communication territories
– Communication campaigns
– Concept tests
– Product tests
– Pack-design tests
– User experience: services
– Usability UX

Cómo lo hacemos

– We evaluate the potential of proposals.
– We finetune ideas with people so they connect with their desires as well as with the brand strategy.
– We develop the options of greatest value.
– With methodologies adapted to online and offline settings.
– Agile and efficient processes when time is short.
– Constructive groups
– Product placement
– Communication labs

We have evaluated these cases

04 Inspiring

Strategic thinking is inherent to who we are and what we do, and we use strategic thinking to help brands stay connected with people and up with the times.

What we do

– Strategic design project development
– Market positioning and repositioning
– Portfolio design
– Channel activation

What we do

– Brand and communication strategic design workshops
– Constructive groups
– Analysis of social tensions
– Cross-category knowledge
– Brand inspiration profile design

We have inspired these cases