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A new cider brand

A complete proposal for a new drink

A brewery wanted to branch out into the world of cider with a new Spanish cider brand. Our challenge was to find the symbolic brand territory that would differentiate it from the competition as well as design, with the help of consumers, a definitive pack-design and naming route.

What we did

We divided the project into two consecutive phases:

Idea Generation phase: in three co-creation workshops with 12 people of different profiles where we constructed insights, brand and product territories and personalities, names and pack designs.

Afterwards, we re-worked everything produced in the workshops and created brand, product and name concepts. With the help of a creative agency design routes were developed.

Evaluation and refinement phase in constructive groups: we used the stimuli produced in the previous stage to create the final concept for the brand, the product and the design as well as a thorough taste testing of the cider.

What we obtained

A winning proposal all around that allowed the brewery to carve out space in the cider market with an attractive and compelling brand and an enjoyable product.