El son de lo humano

A successful drink for Generation Z

A natural energy drink

A beverage company wanted to explore the opportunity of launching a brand of natural drinks with energy-enhancing properties aimed at young people (Generation Z). The challenge was constructing both the brand’s symbolic dimension and the product’s territory and proposal.

What we did

We proposed a design with various stages:

1. Paired depth interviews (pairs of friends) at home, at points of sale, and at places of consumption to really get to know the target (Gen Z) and their relationship with these kinds of drinks. And, to identify the attitudinal aspirational target and gain an in-depth understanding of the target.

2. Co-creation workshops with a broad-based target and with the attitudinal target to produce product territories and concepts, design codes, and brand personality and imagery.

3. Workshops with a broad-based target to validate and refine the product concept, the brand territory and the strategic approach.

What we obtained

We defined a framework of knowledge about the target and their relationship with the category, which was used to construct various product proposals and to build brand territory and brand expression, along with an evaluation of their potential.