El son de lo humano

The new masculinity

A fashion proposal for the men of today

As part of its product-positioning strategy, a well-known men’s fashion brand needed to know and define different consumer profiles in accordance with their lifestyles and relationships with fashion. The first step towards achieving this goal was research to identify today’s new models of masculinity and how they translate to the world of fashion.

What we did

We designed a project that combined the vision of the male population at large with that of experts:

– Ethnographic interviews with a variety of men (by age, lifestyle and relationship with fashion) to get to know what they are like.

– We then conducted open-ended interviews with anthropologists, sociologists and journalists who provided us with interesting views of what today’s men are like (their aspirations, their lifestyles and their consumption behaviour).

What we obtained

The learnings allowed us to define and understand what masculinity means in today’s world; to segment profiles based on lifestyles and relationships with fashion; and to establish the keys this men’s fashion brand needed to inspire men to purchase its line of clothing.

We conducted this study in Spain, France and the United States, and our findings informed and guided the brand’s teams in each country as they developed the brand’s strategy.